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Cathedral Square Assisted Living

Cathedral Square Assisted Living This community offers the benefits of assisted living at a choice location overlooking Lake Champlain in downtown Burlington. Conveniently located near the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care, the community offers 28 assisted living units designed to be affordable to households wit... More Information.

About Us

About Cathedral Square Corporation

Cathedral Square Corporation (CSC) is a non-profit organization that owns and manages properties for seniors and individuals with special needs. The organization was founded as a ministry of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in 1977 and by 1979 CSC had opened its first building in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

For the past 30 years, Cathedral Square has lived up to its mission to provide for the housing, services and long term care needs of Vermonters. The organization continues to develop properties throughout Vermont.

Today, CSC owns and/or manages 24 housing communities located in four Vermont counties, each uniquely designed to serve distinct populations. Cathedral Square offers a chance to live independently in a safe and secure apartment at an affordable price.

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